Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Funasshi Impersonation.

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A scene at today’s rehearsal.

In the studio lobby MAO did a Funasshi impersonation in a loud voice and,
there were old women in the next studio practicing on taiko drums, they were like

“What? Funasshi?! Is it here? The real one???!!!”

and there was a big commotion. Lol

Mao said
“I’m sorry I was so loud. It was me.”

she went specifically to apologize and,

was told “It was a lot like it! Do it one more time!!”

by the old women.

MAO discarded all her shame and did the Funasshi impersonation.

“Funasshi nasshiiii!!!!!!”

When I came back,,

The old women were harshly saying

“That person from before was resembled it” Lol

I don’t know all the details but, this situation was really interesting. Lol

That’s me doing a Kuma impersonation,, Lol

More importantly, be careful fo the typhoon.
The rainy wind is progressively getting stronger in Tokyo.

Take care so you aren’t blown away!!


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