Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Revolving Sushi.

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Lately, revolving sushi has been fun.

You know, I, since along time ago have disliked seafood (especially raw food) so I didn’t go for revolving sushi at all, in my entire life I think I remember about four times I have gone.

And, two of those times have been quite recent.
And it was two days straight. Lol

The occasion was with HEAD SPEAKER 2 days in a row. Lol

If I am unexpectedly taken,
Of course it will be fun♪
“The sushi is revolving!!”

Ah, but, in current times it seems there are some shops where the revolving sushi does not revolve!
You sit on the counter and when you order using the touch panel, the sushi you asked for comes out really fast in the lane in front of you!!
It was seriously high-tech!!!

Anyway even though it was a sushi shop, there were other things besides seafood, so there were plenty of things I could eat.

Nattou and corn.

Pork katsu sushi.

Hooray for the kid’s menu.

They also had my beloved melon♡

It looks like I’m addicted. Lol


The dishes’ patterns were Draft King style.
(They are restricted to the kid’s menu. Lol)

One more bonus.

“First revolving sushi”

Pretending to be a celebrity. Lol

That’s all.


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