Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Kumagai Live.

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It’s late but, everyone who came yesterday to Kumagai HEAVEN’S ROCK, thank you!

It was Draft King’s first Saitama live.
It was gun. I want to come again!

My driving was also safe somehow.
I have to live up to my golden license.

After the live we had a small ending at a family restaurant nearby.

Does everyone now the “Joyful” family restaurant?
It seems there are a lot of family restaurants in western Japan, there are some in my hometown too.
How the store was made, the floor plan, the wideness of the parking lot, all of it was seriously the same, it was too nostalgic. This day relieved a lot of stress. Lol

My hometown is in the countryside so, there aren’t many shops that are open 24 hours, really only “Joyful”,,Lol
If I went to “Joyful” I would definitely meet with someone there, that’s how much everyone loved it. Lol

Cheap and delicious “Joyful”
The family restaurant I love the most♡

Ah I have no limits when I am talking about “Joyful”. Lol

At any rate, lately HEAD SPEAKER and Draft King have become too good friends, its too fun♪
I am happy we will be playing alongside them at HEAD SPEAKER’s second performance of their first record tour.

Getting good motivation from them, Draft King wont lose either!

The next one is MINAMI WHEEL! Let’s do it!


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