Saturday, January 20, 2018
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I went to go see a live at eggman.

It was because a lot bands we get along with such as 7th.NutsMile, mimic, Gunjou Frau, and Chelsy were performing.
I also met with a lot of people I knew, it was fun.
It was not one of our lives but of course eggman has become home. Lol

A cute, cute junior band.

It had been a while since I saw one of Chelsy’s lives but, they were cool!!
I was watching with parental love. Lol

Somehow, watching Chelsy makes me remember the time after I had just started playing in a band.
It was full of things I didn’t understand but, I was shining recklessly.
They are feeling I cant forget.

I have to go have a tea party and out to Korean food with Chelsy! Lol

So then, tomorrow is Draft King’s first live in Saitama!

9/29 (Sunday)Kumagai HEAVEN’S ROCK VJ-1
HEAD SPEAKER 『Kimi ka Aiborii』Release Tour 2013
Performances:HEAD SPEAKER/Daft Pixy/Six un cliche/tokage/Romero/Draft King
Opening:5:30 PM Start:5:30 PM
Pre-sale:2500 yen Day of:3000 yen
Tickets: Lawson (73891)

Draft King’s appearance is at about 7:30 PM.

On Sunday, let’s all dance around excitingly!

I’m waiting~~~!!


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