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Shimokita and GIRLSROCK#SURF.

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Yesterday was the live at Shimokitazawa GARDEN.

Everyone who came, thank you.
The set list was long and it was fun!

The GARDEN is my favorite live house after all.

I was happy that we were able to play with Gunjo Furau for the first time in a while.
But, shockingly I forgot to take a picture..

Thank you for the various snacks!
They always make me happy.

In Japan, on September 25th, girl’s rock compilation “GIRLS ROCK#SURF” goes on sale!

There are Draft Kings songs in it!!

A stylishly and happy CD.
Please go ahead and check♪♪

Minato Juliana who is currently active in the fashion magazine “sweet”, Safarii, NOHANA and SHIHO’s (ex-Stereopony) new band Draft King, LOVERSSOUL, Yoshida Eri, Kurose Shiori, and Kasai Kotomi are participating.

The first edition of the new girl’s rock compilation that will become energetic.
For stylish girls that love fashion, with positive and active rock, a safe mix style!

1.Can I Be The One -Juliana M.
2.Surf N Sun-Draft King
3.Fallin’ For You-LOVERSSOUL
4.Lucky Girl I Am-Shiori Kurose
5.stay by my side -Safarii
6.Second Chance-Eri Yoshida
7.My Summer Boy-Kotomi Kasai
8.Maboroshi-Draft King
9.Just You ‘n’ Me-LOVERSSOUL

HJRD-0012 2013/9/25
Album ¥1,800(Tax Included)
Harajuku Records/harajucation

Official Blog
Official Twitter
Official Facebook … 3321725520
Harajuku Records online site


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