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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 34


Smilife is Stereopony’s 4th Single.

The word SMILIFE is a stylized way of saying “it’s my life” and that’s exactly the theme of this song. Drawing the energy from life, friendship and the drive to go beyond one’s limits are the messages of this song.

Smilife’s lyrics talk about how our shortcomings and failures can be taken as a learning experience because there is something beyond us, something great that encourages us. An example of such encouragement comes from our friends, who watch our backs when we are just cornered by our problems. Smilife as a song reflects the importance of loyalty and friendship, which makes for a fun song.

The lyrics and the composition are both made by AIMI and this song is very reflective of her musical style. The simple but deep lyrics and melodious music make it a frequently-played song at live performances.

So, enjoy Stereopony’s 34th Song of the Week- SMILIFE!


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