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5DK of Draft King, Vol. 6 (2013-09-01)

The following text is an English translated excerpt of the original interview by eggman. Read the full English translation on the Very Good Days Forum.

erica [Vocals]

As the 1st mission I want to do perform at the eggman first one man live!
That was how I felt. Of course the live was a huge success!
All the fans, the staff around us, and the band members. Because everyone became one we were able to have the best live.
I’ll devote myself without forgetting my feelings of gratitude and I will face the next mission head on.


hiddy [Guitar & Vocals]

I am truly happy the mission that was our first one man live was safely accomplished!
When we first decided to do the one man there was honestly a lot of anxiety but, because I was facing forward and preparing for the one man, I was truly happy to see that scenery.
I want to be seen in various ways, that’s how I feel!


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