Saturday, December 16, 2017
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As you can see.

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Today, I renewed my driver’s license.

Yes, before everyone gets surprised, I, as you can see, have a driver’s license.

If I say I have a driver’s license everyone always gets surprised.
People aren’t always what they look like ok? Lol

And, I, got a gold license!

Well, truthfully I’m only a driver on paper. Lol

The time I went to the Nagoya live.

The time I played Mario cart
I got first place that time. (Bragging. Lol)

So, I cant show you the picture on my driver’s license, I cant show it to you because I don’t want to, but I have gotten a lot younger than two years ago!! Lol

I have black Pattsun hair now but, I look completely different!
My face changed this much in 2 years.

Since cars are dangerous I have to be careful.


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