Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Apple Gathering.

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Using W, in the middle of selecting photos from the one-man.

Activity full of apple products!!

From the daytime we had been doing various work and then soon we were able to see the end. (The air conditioner was cold..)

At various times we will release them so look forward to that for a while.

Yesterday an announcement was made,
A new Draft King live has been decided!

September 8th (Sunday) at Shibuya eggman, Draft King will participate at Violent is Savanna’s album release live!
I’m happy! I’m looking forward to it!!

With this there will be 3 lives in September.
The one-man may be over but we are still going at it with full strength!

I’m happy there is a place I am able to meet everyone.
I want to have more and more fun

We’re going to do a lot of interesting things!


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