Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Summer Vacation.

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I left the update empty again.

On Wednesday,  I went to the pool for summer vacation.


It was the first time I went to a pool in Tokyo.
I came back happily with the sound of floating in water in my head.

And, today or should I say yesterday which the date was changed to the band gathered for the first time in a small while.

I got a Hiroshima souvenir from mao.


I don’t like anko so just for me, a chocolate maple leaf manju
Thanks for the consideration. Lol
It was delicious.

After I left the members I did some errands and I thought I would go straight home but I got a well-timed invitation from eggman’s Mr. Kubota and Mr.KENTA from Hespi to grab a meal.


It was an interesting meeting. Lol

And the ban on next live information has been lifted!!

August 31st (Saturday), it will be held at “Differ Ariake” , we will perform at the “Original Music Girls Festival”!!

An event filled with girls!
I’m looking forward to it from here on out!!


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