Saturday, January 20, 2018
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White or Black.

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Is it already the Obon Festival?

It got a bit cooler, but, it is still hot, it is like that nowadays.

I thought I should go outside but, the day of the one-man on August 10 was not the hottest day recently.
The morning, day, and night as the days pass even in the early morning its hot.

By the way is it ok if I still elongate the talk about the one-man?

Hey, what color of the new good’s T-shirt did everyone get?


White or black?
Or both?

Personally I like white~


Or so I did but, actually when I look at black its cool too!


Black or white, the color of the design is wonderfully different so you can wear for a different feel!
I didn’t want to compromise since it is an obsessive point of mine.

Which one does everyone like?


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