Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Me Day.

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Today is my one beauty day.

Since until yesterday, during every day’s intense rehearsals all that has been in my head is Draft King, today is a bit of a day for myself.
Though I say that, in the interval while eating lunch I was watching a clip from rehearsal and checking various things.
In the end I am thinking of nothing but Draft King. Lol


I like basil pasta.

Sorry it’s half-eaten. Lol


Pattsun [nohana’s haircut] of the spirit of tranquility


It’s been a while since I had gel nails
These block checkered ones are the point!
Cute. Raises the tension!
With these tomorrow Ill do my best on bass. Lol

Going towards the one man Ill make every preparation!
I’ve done the only things I can do.
Yeah, the rest is to just have fun!!!

Tomorrow let’s meet at eggman ok?


Tomorrow, at 3:00pm we will be preceding with the sale of goods!
Before the live please check!
With Draft King goods equipped lets riot.


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