Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Uh Oh.

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Just updated.
Recently I have been continuing with the blog.
I’m doing my best.

Today as well, facing towards the one-man I made several preparations!
Day by day, gradually it is getting closer isn’t it?

I wondered if there was a picture I could put up so I looked threw the data folder and there was this one! Lol


I met Kuma (bear) from LINE!!! Lol

You cant see his face though. Lol

At the moment I thought that LINE had become incredibly popular

It was that day. Lol
(I did various other things in addition.)

The answer to yesterday’s blog.
The one who ate chicken nanban was of course me!

All of the other members had karage.
Karage is too popular.
Erica’s was the only that was fried

See you tomorrow.


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