Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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One week more.

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One week left until the one-man live.

Next week from today is the day of the one-man.
I wonder if it will be over at about this time
I wonder if it is about the time that SHIHO will be gulping down beer. Lol

From today intense rehearsal will start

We have been secluded in the studio since ten in the morning.
Everyone is in serious mode.
I think we put in a lot of effort to have fun.
I think that just we have done will become confidence and come back to us

Rehearsal on the day of the live, right before the live, during the performance with everyone, during the climax, after the live is finished.
I have no choice but to enjoy the entire day of the live.

One week more.

I’m waiting.

At lunch I ate a different bentou then everyone.

Who is the only outcast with the chicken nanban?


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