Saturday, December 16, 2017
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August at Last.

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August has come along

Speaking of August, Draft King’s one-man live performance!!

For how many months have I been annoyingly saying it? Because of that everyone already lnows right?!

8/10 (Saturday) Shibuya eggman
Draft King’s first one-man live!!!

The time we announced it was like 3 months ago wasn’t it?
If I am not mistaken the announcement was made on the White Day live.
At that time it was still winter but now we’re in the middle of summer

This is bad.
It really is coming up soon

With the feeling that I’m doing ok (frankly I’m starting to sweat at the last moment)
Facing the one-man I am continuing the preparations!
I did various things today as well (Independent actions)



It has really come at last
Let’s have a passionate live ok?


My hometown’s taste, I at three bunches of somen noodles from Shimabara, days that are unrelated to the words heat fatigue are passing.


My basic every day is being full of vigor and having an appetite. Lol
Even if I catch a cold I will search for meat.

Yes this was a very pointless talk
See you soon.


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