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5DK of Draft King, Vol. 5 (2013-08-01)

The following text is an English translated excerpt of the original interview by eggman. Read the full English translation on the Very Good Days Forum.

It’s Draft King who is being published in “Draft King’s 5DK ~ The Draft King meeting!!~”!
As it is just before the one man this month, it’s the first Draft King studio infiltration!!
Please look forward to the state of the rehearsals + an interview just before the one man!!

From the time this publication was started in the April edition, it has become the August edition in the flash of eye. When we recorded the interview for the April edition the one man was still a far off thing but, a bit more and it’s the real thing! Are the preparations going well?

nohana: Being pressed for time on various things and on the verge of blowing up, somehow things preparations are progressing. (Lol)


I see (Lol), how is your mental state preparing just before the one man?

nohana: When this publication started we had just decided to have the one man live, we were not doing to many lives at the time, and a large part was that we didn’t know what type of band we would become or what our appeal would be, to be honest I think we were straying but now we have feedback from within ourselves and at a point we began to understand how we would appeal, I want all those things to explode in the critical juncture that is this one man live. We will be doing a new song that has not been revealed until now so I would like you to enjoy this live which will be the longest we have had in our history.

mao: I have talked about guitars with many of the band we have played with but in this half a year, being able to have such experiences, there was a period in which the way I make sound changed, so please look forward to that at the one man.


This being the first band they have been in how are hiddy and erica doing?

hiddy: Man, at the time the one man was decided it truly was nothing but anxiety (Lol). The fact that this was the first time I was in a band was the biggest part of the anxiety but in my case, with that same timing the amount I had to play the guitar increased (Lol), well it was a desperate time. Of course, even now it is still a desperate time (Lol) At first the ratio between the song and the chorus was big but now, the ratio between the guitar and the chorus has been completely reversed. Even if it is just a little I want to show this improved form to everyone at the one man.

erica: In that state of being in a band for the first time and knowing nothing, nohana-san, shiho-san, the staff, the bands we played with, and all of our guests who came to the lives have taught me so much and I would like to put in my feelings of gratitude and enjoy myself with all my heart,


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