Sunday, December 17, 2017
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I’m fed up with the heavy guerilla rain.

Yes, at Daikanyama LOOP, I played support bass for CHIHIRO from LOVERSSOUL!

Everyone who came to see, thank you very much
I was happyy!!


From the left, NOHANA from Draft King, CHIHIRO from LOVERSSOUL, MAO from Draft King, and tsubo-chan from The ROOTLESS

This time because it was my first time playing as a support bassist it became an important experience. There were various things that were new

I wonder if it has been about two years with Chihiro? When we met, I came to Tokyo and we weren’t friends at all, it was because my friends were few in number. Lol
It was because Chihiro and I are the same age!
The first time we met, she did my nails for me! Lol

I was happy that we were finally able to do a live performance together.
Next I want to even in Chihiro’s hometown Sapporo!
With Draft King as the other band!
I want to go to Hokkaido
I want to eat super curry!
I want to eat Genghis Khan! *dish with mutton and veggies

Heyyy. Lol

ARISA-chan came to see too, it seems various people mistook her for me Lol
I wonder if it was because she was wearing a cap?

I don’t think there is any part at all in which there is a resemblance, but I have been told our mood is similar. Lol

The next Drat King live performance is the 27th at eggman!
It’s been a while since we came out with a bang! I’m looking forward to it!!
Everyone, come ok?!!!


Yesterday I went to Daikanyama’s TSUTAYA for the first time
It was too stylish.


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