Sunday, December 17, 2017
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Have you already seen the July edition of the eggman free paper serialization?

Draft Kings’s “5DK~The Draft King Meeting~”

Time to decide the serialization’s title,
In our first serialization, the target subject matter was to point to our first one man live, but while thinking we would like to do other things as well the subtitle “The Draft King Meeting” was given.

Although it’s already volume 4 everyone is doing as they please too much. Lol
Eating parfait and bowling. Lol
Well I suppose the result is alright!

In that way this time the one who has been in charge of doing things they like is shiho

Yes, this person went to a beer factory. Lol
Shiho’s location was the only one I couldn’t go to (I didn’t go. Lol) but when I heard about it was the best and I was satisfied.



At the beer factory, look at the way shiho drinks here
After we had a girl’s meeting at a stylish café behind eggman

Whether the subject of the talk was girl-ish I don’t really know… Lol
Everyone was speaking freely too much, nothing but subject’s we couldn’t use; we may have troubled eggman’s Kubochan. Lol
It was fun.

Well this time’s serialization has that subject. Lol

Please take a look ok?


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