Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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I’m a bit late in updating the blog
On the 28th we had a live performance at Shibuya eggman

To everyone who came, thank you!
And to our big brothers from ALLaNHiLLZ who called us, thank you very much!

It was a completely different genre event butat rehearsal there was a lot of energy, it was really fun!
The last sessions climax was the best!
I’m happy Draft King was able to participate in such a great event

One day I would like to do a live hosted by Draft King
At that point there are many things I would want to do as much as I like! (I wonder if anyone would be able to stop me…)

But first is the one man
Aiming for August 10th , we have to beat “now”

I was asked by a kid who came to a live performance if I would show him (my) effector (It was through twitter but still he wanted to see it)

Here it is!

Yes, like this
There isn’t really anything that changed lol
Basically when I step on the right Sans, I can step on the middle Sans to let it give a boost.

Even if it makes a sound then that’s good
Lately, at studio rehearsal I’ve had to fix it a lot. Lol


Right now I’m resting a bit but I’ve used this Sans with three channels
Truthfully I borrowed this from that guy Yoh from (Orange) Range
Awawawa! It’s too kind of him

I haven’t consulted anyone at all but it’s like this at my feet.

Today 2013 is halfway done
Man, that’s bad. Wasn’t that fast?
Halfway through the year, what have I done?
I think I have to do more, take more and more challenges.
Ill pass through each day which have their own meaning.



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