Thursday, February 22, 2018
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2 Days.

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It’s become late..

Draft King’s first double live was on June 8th (Saturday) and June 9th (Sunday). To everyone who came, thank you very much!





eggman was super intense!

It had been awhile since we were able to do a live with Matsushita Yui and everyone from key, it was fun. I am also really looking forward to Nagoya on the 22nd!

Because the was a live the next day too, I intended to return on the last train but without noticing it got fun and an itinerary was made until morning. Lol

From the left, mao from Draft King, Mai(MAIKA) from Sutorobosaida, me, and Natsumi-chan from 7th.NutsMile.

(Its blurry, my eyes are closed, who took this photo.) Lol

Well, it was fun in that way。Lol


Alright then, Sunday is the day of rock,


Fuji Rock!! A super rock festival sponsored by Fujisawa Arisa

Arisa-chan is the same age as me and we have a lot of thing in common, Im happy I was able to play along side her. Thanks for calling me!

There aren’t many events like this where everyone’s from the same generation it is refreshingly fun. But, the number of girls younger then me is increasing and it seriously troubles me a bit. Lol

Gathering for a picture is a good feeling.

Thanks for the snacks.



At the close, SHIZUKA from chelsy came to look with Arisa-chan.


This day’s close was, until the morning, rousing and rock-like.


A pie was thrown at me!


I had the wish to have a pie thrown at me and, Those guys from today, because they were bubbleheads, I want to get a pie thrown at me! Lol Someone please do it for me someday please!!! Lol

With that feeling, it was an intense 2 days! It was really fun! Thank you!!

I’m happy a lot of people got our CD. Thanks!!

Our next live is on June 13th at Shibuya eggman! Ill be waiting!



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