Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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First Shimokitazawa.

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Yesterday was Draft King’s first Shimokitazawa live.

Everyone who came, thank you.

We introduced a new song!
I wonder how it was?
There was a highlight for the band players, I wonder if it became a new song for Draft King.

Since we selfishly still have not had much practice,,, At the next live we’ll power up and reach you.

New goods have been added.
A crown sticker.
It’s cool right?!
Since the sticker is good quality, you can stick it anywhere! Probably. Lol
To remember the lives please have a look.

To be able to reach our sound we are advancing various things, so please wait a little ok?

Shimokita station was remodeled, and although it was our first live at Shimokitazawa, it changed so much I was surprised!
“Where should I exit?” I became like a lost child

It had been a while since I walked around the town of Shimokira, but it was fun.
I wanted it to be like it was a long time ago, filled with second hand clothes shops.
I also want to eat curry soup!
This time I’ll go!

This, for a second, I saw Nohana. Lol

I wonder if its just me? Lol

The next live is on May 26 (Sunday) at Ebisu aim!
Best regards.



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