Sunday, December 17, 2017
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I wonder if you guys saw the publication in this month’s edition of eggman’s free paper?

This second time erica and I, nohana, are reported on.

erica at Tokyo Dome.

I went to eat a big parfait.


There is a lot of chocolate and vanilla ice cream and, natural cream, biscuits, and fruits in there,and inside the bowl there is an ocean of kakigoori.
There were only a few corn flakes, personally, I was disappointed,,
The big parfait made me happy!

The truth is I had eaten this parfait four years ago so this was the second time I challenged it.

The picture quality is bad, but this is me 4 years ago.
Young,,, Lol
19 year old me, too nostalgic. Lol

Find out how this time’s revenge turned out in the magazine. Lol

Incidentally, if you have a chance take the challenge at a store called TOMBOY in Shibuya!

Afterwards, please share with me the big parfait info!

Tommorow there is a live at eggman!
Lets have some fun!




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