Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Unidentified Creature.

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Goood morning.
Since I got up early I thought it would be good to update the blog.

My beloved Amuro Namie-sama
Is addicted to the match green tea latte from Starbucks
Since I acquired this intel
I immediately went to go drink it, a story of that time.

While thinking of lyrics and facing the computer
From somewhere, some white thing
Lightly flew towards me!

Is this the unbelievable
Vine-seed weed’s flock???!!!!!

No way, no way, but
Does it really appear so easily?
Here at Starbucks?
This is probably some fluff from a dandelion right?
But this Starbucks, it’s on the top floor of the building so did it fly all the way up here for me?

While I was wrapped around wondering about that
I was having a staring contest with this mysterious object.

(At this time it is highly likely that if I was looked at by surrounding people they would have thought that I was a strange person,, Lol)

What is this one’s true identity.

The seed of the vine-weed
They say if you have it you will become happy.

At the time it flew to me,
I saw a peculiarity in how it flew to me
I thought I shouldn’t leave it alone
So I caught it in a soy sauce bottle I bought at a 100 yen shop.

But I seriously can’t figure out what it is. Lol

But if I do something like this
I wonder if I won’t be laughed at by shiho again,, Lol

I don’t care! I don’t care!

I want everyone’s vine-seed intel!! Lol

It looks like a good luck charm
Somehow it’s cute. Right?



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