Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Not Sunshine.

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Yesterday we were here!

Thank you eggman.
Everyone who came, thank you.

It has been about one month since we did a live at eggman.
Somehow it really feels like it has been a while.
How many times have we done a live at eggman already?
It has completely become home. Lol

The bands we have played with as well, I’m happy we have played together so many times!
I feel secure playing with a lot of people I know. Lol

Draft King introduced a new song, but,
How was it?
Its the last song we played.

Since it is a bright song,
If everyone who was listening became happy then I’m happy.
It is a song were I can grow together with everyone at lives.


Lately the days of the lives
Has been nothing but rain, I’m really sorry.

I’m a sunny day woman but..
I am lacking my ability.


Thankfully, the same umbrella
in three different colors, complete.

Tomorrow will be purple.

3coins[shop], is cheap and cute.

Il pray
that this live will be on a sunny day!

The next live is April 29(Monday) at eggman.




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