Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Party People

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It’s a little late but,
I want to thank everyone who came to watch our show.

It was our first time performing at Club Asia, Shibuya.

There was a chandelier in the green room and there were our gorgeous Draft King members.

The stage had a special viewing box and I wish the royal family would watch us. The DJ talked about exchanging acts with us and he enjoyed the show too.

The breast kebabs were delicious.
Even though the forehead is shiney. Lol.

There was a thanks from the imperial palace.
I love cow’s tongue.

The bear is really really cute.

The next show is on the 2nd of April at Shibuya O-West.

We will be performing the live show with JUDY AND MARY’s Mr.TAKUYA. He’s an amazing performer so getting to perform with him it’s got Draft King fired up as well.




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