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First live of 2013.

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Yesterday was the first live of 2013 at eggman.

It was fun~!

The members just before the performance


shiho, blurry.
erica, didn’t want to get photographed..

Well, that also happens. (Laughs)

Thank you everyone for rushing to come see our
First live of the new year!

The fat that there is a place I can meet everyone like this
And that there are people who come to see us makes me truly happy, it truly does.

So I can meet much more people
From here I’m going to reach with full strength!

At yesterday’s live, I personally had a bit of trouble and it was hard but, but I took the proof we did well positively.
At the next one I’ll be firm.
Yea, like these flowing lives.

The next live is, February 17 at eggman again!
One I know the detail I’ll put them up.

Thanks for the pastries.




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