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An image is frightening

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Ho ho, there were a lot of different answers.

The person who guessed correctly…



The unthinkable、、、!!

There wasn’t one~ (laugh)

There were some people who were close though~!
No one got the order completely right.

Why is it that most people predicted shiho as number 1?
Does shiho have that sort of image?

Also, most people predicted me as last! (laugh)
What’s wrong with everyone’s image of us?

Well then, here are the answers.

Dadadadadadada~ (Drum Roll)


First place was

Me!! Nohana!!!!

How’s that?
It might be unexpected but I’m good at bowling!

2nd was


‘It’s only the 3rd time in my life I’ve been bowling’ is what she said (laugh)
The intonation of the words doesn’t get communicated through the internet, which is unfortunate. (laugh)

3rd was


When I said to put on a face of a third place ranked person, this happened.
For no reason, putting up 3 fingers (laugh)

4th place


Despite saying ‘I’m defintely, under no circumstances losing to mao’ she lost by one place. (laughlaughlaugh)

And, last place was


Many times, saw the letter G on the screen (laugh)
Next time will be her revenge, right? (laugh)

With that feeling
DoraKin Bowling Championship had this type of an outcome

Aahh~it was fun~.



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