Thursday, February 22, 2018
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It’s NOHANA here.

I know it’s sudden but, I’ve started a blog!
Because it’s a new year.
And because it’s the year of my zodiac sign. Snake~

Well then
Happy New Year.
Last year was a year where we brought out everything and did all we could.
I have no regrets. It was enough that I can think it was a fun year.

Because we brought out everything we could, I feel more refreshed right now.
That’s why, from now on I’ll move forward towards my dreams, once again.
I want to move forward!

There’s something I must report to all the people supporting us.

Although there’s some of you who already know, we have formed a new band
The band name is “Draft King (Dorafuto Kingu)”

We have only just recently formed, there’s really a lot of things we still need to do.
But, there is this new innocent feeling that’s making me really excited.

I thought after breaking up Stereopony, I wouldn’t be in a band anymore.
What was I going to do from hereafter? I had a lot of various thoughts.

But, I still had an unfilled dream.
It’s something I say often, “Dreams are something that are meant to be fulfilled”

That’s why, I thought can’t I just enjoy giving my all playing the bass just a little more?

I want to try harder so I can face all of you.
I’m sorry for being selfish.
Even thought I’m like this, please look out for me from now on.

The year of 2013, I feel it will be the start of many things.
Just like this blog.
True to nohana, I plan to continue to make new entries, please look forward to it (laugh).

Also, one last announcement!

There’s already a live planned for DraftKing

1/19(Sat)「Mix UP!! vol.49」
@Shibuya eggman
OPEN 15:30 START 16:00
Performers:key/yui matsushita/中ノ森文子/mimic./fifth/Draft King/Good Coming/CAMOUFLAGE

It’s really soon!
Our first live of the new year
If you would like, please come and see us!

Please look out for us this year as well!



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