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Thank You

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It’s 2013!
The days have got a little empty but I wonder if everyone enjoyed at the final show?
Did you start your year with smiles?

I’d decided that I won’t have any regrets and have the best live show and had also decided that I’d not cry but in the end I ended up crying. (lol)
In the performance hall, everyone’s feelings hit me straight and they turned into something like a revolving lantern inside me. A lot of different feelings were chasing around in my head in the time that went by in a blink of an eye.
Everyone’s love for us was so much that I saw it pour down on us. That’s why the tears spilled out of my eyes.
Stereopony has given me things that however thankful I may be it’s not enough.

The people we met, the experiences we had, the dreams and the wishes that were all because of continuing as a band.
Maybe because I’m clumsy, and I could only run looking forwards that I stumbled into a lot of things and I don’t know if I was looking good while doing so but that’s also because this is the way my life is.
Without doubt, it’s very important.

I ran with all my might! Till the very end!
That’s why I was able to see the next stage!
Being alone I don’t know what I’ll be able to do, possibly I won’t be able to do anything.
There’s also that part of me that says I’m clumsy and an idiot.
It might be a detour, but,
Don’t you think we live this life only once?
Aimi is Aimi.
I won’t be able to give up music. Most certainly.
It’ll be a detour but I want to continue singing.

I want to polish up this precious thing while I continue being myself. Everyone is with me right?!
Because it’s something I can’t show through my writing here, I’ll take one step at a time and continue writing as I continue with my life.

First of all I’ll think about everything slowly in Okinawa, with a fresh perspective I am sure I’ll think of things differently.
I’m also going to be using Twitter for the first time so it’ll be good to stay in touch.

I want to grow up just a little and become stronger.
Even if I’ve become someone else’s tomorrow, my feelings have not changed.

I don’t think I’m writing this very well at all.
I’m exteremly sorry about being so crumbled!
It’s because this is Aimi.
But but, I’m not satisfied by that!
It’s actually going to start after this!

From here on too, please do look after the 3 of us.
I will never ever forget.
Stereopony will forever be Stereopony.

I really want to say this from the bottom of my heart and until my voice goes dry!
Truly, Truly, Thank you very much!

Hoping this year will be amazing and full of happiness for everyone.

Stereopony is the strongest!!
Thank you for everything uptill now!



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