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Merry Christmas!!!

How was the holy night for everyone?
Well then, yesterday’s Christmas Eve live was a ‘Party at Home’ event!!

For me, honestly it was a very nerve-wracking day, I was almost as nervous as the first time I stood on stage (laugh)
The thing that really supported me through those nerves was Stereopony, I felt that feeling one more time.

It was great that I could see all the warm and supportive faces of the staff members and the fans in the Live House, the final to the annual event on Christmas Eve.
I was able to see yesterday’s ‘shibuya www’ ( ^ω^ )

Again, I’m thankful to everyone who came

A lot of people talked to me how it was like a semifinal, it was a very exciting and fun Christmas Eve.

When I returned home, there were no footprints from Santa Claus,
あげたがりだったりするので今年からはアイミクロースなんだなってことで(笑) (Not sure)
I was most happy about everyone carrying fun feelings throughout yesterday’s event.

It’s nearly our last…
Since it’s come to this, I must enjoy it more than anyone else *\(^o^)/*

All that’s left is Akasaka Blitz!
I’ll face forward, excitingly!
Everyone, come with me!



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