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Well well, it’s been released.

Its the album packed full of stuff from Stereopony’s debut to the recent stuff.
[Best of Stereopony]

Did it arrive to everyone’s place yet?

Are your favorite songs included in it?
Found them?

Even though the Stereopony Staff did a lot of absurd posting on Twitter about the album. (lol)

Sometimes, I act like a leader. (lol)

The things that need to be decided are decided perfectly.

1. Sayonara no kisetsu
2. Hitohira no hanabira
3. Namida no Mukou
4.I do it
5. Seishun ni, sono namida ha hitsuyou da!
6. Smilife
7. Tsukiakari no michishirube
8. Hanbunko
9. Over Drive
10. Everything OK!!
11. Chiisana Mahou
12. Tatoeba Utaenakunattara
13. Arigatou
14. Super Girl
15. Viva La Viva La
16. Hoshikuzu Kantera
17. Stand by me
18. Stereopony no tabi wo tsuzuku
19. Aozora Very Good Days!!

I was worried till the very end as to where I should add “Sayonara no Kisetsu”.
Although our debut was with the song “Hitohirano Hanabira”, our first recording and MV video shooting experience was for the song “Sayonara no Kisetsu”.
Truly it was the start of something.
That’s why, it was truly the start . So I chose that as the first song on the list.
The sound recording is also left just like the time it was recorded.
We were sure that the song that we wrote in our childhood wouldn’t be released. It’s shocking that it’s perfect for the time right now.

After that, the songs that are special, excluding the singles.
We really do love shows after all. Love it!
Because we can enjoy the fun of a show, we continue working hard. (lol)

“Super Girl”, “Viva la Viva la” and “Hoshikuzu no kantera” were lined up with the feeling of a show.
Definitely didn’t want a compromise.(lol)

I want to talk about each and every song’s memories but I’d end up adding 19 songs and it would be voluminous. (lol)
I’ll talk about it some other time.

Here on, I’ll be uploading stuff from my old cellphone so the picture quality might be bad.

Uptill now.

It’s the album that has everything Stereopony stuffed in it.
Hoping it will reach a lot of people.

It’s an album that was made because everyone was there for us.
Thank you!


Tonight we’ll be making a live radio appearance!
(Wed) 11/21 “Recommendations!” Bunkahoso 22:00 – 25:00
※ Stereopony’s appearance time is expected to be around 23:00 ~.

Everybody, please do listen to it~!

Well then.


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