Saturday, January 20, 2018
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The season of Goodbye

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Happy Halloween!!

I was surprised to see Shibuya has become like an anime festival (laugh)

I thought this year I would wear a costume, but I only ended up wearing a Cat-Ear Hat

Meow~ I want to become a black cat

Well, on the day that is Halloween, the ‘Sayonara no Kisetsu (The Season of Goodbye)’ ringtone has been released.

The song that is famous for being the song that ‘should’ve been’ our debut song

We our surprised ourselves that we could release this song at this timing.

Saying Goodbye, it is really sad and lonely.

But, that has it’s meaning in it’s own way

Also, I think it signals a new start.

I hope that the ‘Season of Goodbye’ will reach everyone

With the last day of October, it’s also become a lot colder. I hope everyone takes great care so they don’t catch a cold!



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