Saturday, January 20, 2018
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The remaining precious time

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Everyone, thanks for the many messages through the blog, BBS and letters.

I’m reading all of them

I’m really happy reading each and every word from all of your. It makes me feel once more that Stereopony is a band made of love, and that we are not only 1 person, and not just 3 people. Also, the remaining time that we spend like this, as each moment passes it makes me feel sad.

But now, because I only want to face forward, in this time with all my strength I will be delighted, happy, deeply moved and look forward to enjoying tomorrow.
Just like that, I want to shine and spend this time. (^_^)

Sorry for being so selfish

Writing a solemn blog entry is quite saddening, so I’ll move forward!

Today, we went to the cultural festival in Fukui prefecture for the first time, we did a rehearsal for the Jinai University Setosai live.
We’ll do our dear songs, our lively songs, it will definitely be a lot of fun so please come and have fun on the 21st of October.

It’s been raining a lot recently but on our way home today the sky was clear and was pretty.
You can smile and see the crescent moon as well!

Well then, I’m off to the beauty parlour (^-^)/



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