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To everyone who always support me Stereopony

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Firstly, I am extremely sorry about the sudden announcement of Stereopony’s disbandment that was announced on the 2nd of October and it surprised you, made you sad and made you feel disappointed.

The people who came to the show on the 6th of October were able to hear the story straight from us but I thought that there would be people who wanted to go to the show but couldn’t so I will be updating a little bit about the disbandment on this blog-space.

The reason for Stereopony’s disbandment in my words would be that ” the three members of Stereopony have become unable to run together facing forward.”

Though all the members of Stereopony have been playing their musical instruments for about the same time, the first time grouping and practicing with the members , we all started at the same start line and the 3 of us have come running together right untill now but, looking beyond Stereopony, we thought that we all had things that we wanted to do, people that we wanted to become and considering our future, the music that we wanted to convey was each very different.
This, I am sure, is because of the different experiences we’ve had, the activities that we did and the different people we met.
The band Stereopony is not made up of just 3 members; it’s also the staff that’s been around and co-operating with us, the teachers, supportive family and friends and more than all those, it’s all the fans that have give us unconditional love that all put together, are all Stereopony.

That’s why we were very worried.
We thought a lot.

Is it something wrong?
and what about all the things that we’ve done up till now?
And that promise?
Was that a mistake?

Of course all these things just spun through our minds countless times.

But , we realized that we really didn’t want to play music that was hesitant.
the life we are living now is limited and we want to honestly convey it through our music to you.

Living honestly can also be very scary.
Deceptive, temporary and half baked emotions won’t do.

That’s the reason why after disbanding, I will be going ahead on my own with my own strength.

It’s my #1 favorite band so I chose to that Stereopony should continue like this.

Being this selfish, I troubled so many people and more than that, I made fans feel very sad and was very hard to do that but……
I want to carry this burden on my back and progress.

We only live once so I don’t want to live with regrets.
As much as possible I want to live with a smile on my face.

I want to enjoy music.

Untill the end of the end, Stereopony will be like Stereopony, and I want to continue making happy memories with all of you.
I want to sing my gratefulness to a lot of people.
I want to convey it.
I want it to reach to them.

27th December, Akasaka Blitz is the place that we reminiscence, I will be showing you all the brightest smile , so somehow please do come along with us till the end.

AIMI, Stereopony, guitar and vocals


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