Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Senior YUI

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Senior YUI,

Stereopony will also be performing in YUI’s tribute cover album “SHE LOVES YOU”!

The song that Stereopony was asked to cover was “AGAIN”!

It’s an honor to have us cover this famous song.
We’re very happy we are participating in this.

Even before the debut, we were friends with YUI and lately in summer we had a BBQ and our discussion went on a much more personal level so we are really happy to be of service.

She’s really a very kind senior.
Her kindness makes me cry.
And there have maybe been times when I cried.
Very secretly though.
This is the only place I can talk about it. (lol)

So more than that, morever, look forward to “AGAIN”!!
A song that will show you a fresh STEPO.

The arrangement is really cool too.

I really want to try playing it at a show.

Maybe we’ll play it.

Do you want to listen to it?

Even though I’m still thinking. yea.

The next show is a solo show after a long time.

“Fall long night live Volume 2”

It’s one night exclusive party.
It’s Fall after all. It’s Halloween.
Even then it’s not a Halloween show. lol
But if we get to enjoy with all of you it will be O.K.

Anyways, let’s enjoy!


I’ll be waiting for you!



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