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YUI Tribute Album — STEREOPONY Confirmed


It has been announced that a YUI tribute album, SHE LOVES YOU, will be released on 24 October 2012. Many female singers and girl bands are participating in the album.

Among the confirmed artists are miwa, SCANDAL, ねごと, 中川翔子, Kylee, 井手綾香, 藍井エイル, joy, Goose house, 沢井美空, Dancing Dolls, and of course, STEREOPONY!

As seen at natalie:

9月5日にシングル「fight」をリリースしたばかりのYUI。彼女の楽曲をさまざまなアーティストがカバーしたアルバム「SHE LOVES YOU」が10月24日にリリースされることが決定した。

このアルバムはYUI本人が監修を手がけ、miwa、SCANDAL、ねごと、中川翔子、Kylee、ステレオポニー、井手綾香、藍井エイル、joy、Goose house、沢井美空、Dancing Dollsといった面々によるYUIのカバーを収録。さらにYUI自身もセルフカバーのライブ音源で参加している。


English Translation, courtesy of jibba:

YUI’s famous songs, covered by SCANDAL, Negoto, Nakagawa Shouko and others

YUI, has just released her new single ‘fight’ on the 5th of September. It has been decided that on the 24th of October, an album called ‘She Loves You’ will be released with covers of YUI’s songs by various artists.

The production of the album will be supervised by YUI herself, with miwa, SCANDAL, Negoto, Kylee, Stereopony, Ide Ayaka, Aoi Eir, joy, Goosehouse, Sawai Miku as involved artists covering one YUI song each. Also, YUI will also participate in the album with her self-cover live performances.

Ringtone downloads of the CD start from the 17th of October, with full release starting from the 24th of October. Please look forward to the rebirth of YUI’s songs.


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