Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Thank You

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We have just restarted our activities and have been doing interviews for our new song ‘just rock with me’.
Please look forward to stories of our recording in America, new band EVANPONY, compositions, and report of our current state in the future!!

Also when we went to the company to do interviews we received Happy Birthday messages and presents from everyone!!
A lot has happened recently, but to know that we are not alone and we have support is really a great encouragement.

Thank you to everyone overseas at very good days, Tony Tony Chopper, Aoi-Chan and Io-Chan!
I’ll take great care of the presents!

Thank you also for the messages
This irreplaceable time where I’m not quite an adult, but no longer a child, I’ll live it like AIMI.
Facing forward, I’ll live through the age of 22.



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