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JpopAsia Press Conference with Stereopony (2012-09-06)

The following text is an excerpt of the original interview by JpopAsia. You can also read the full interview on the Very Good Days Forum.

Stereopony is an all-female rock band that debuted in 2008. The band has seen much success due to the inclusion of many of their singles as theme songs for various animes. Their work in the anime industry made them the perfect choice to be guests at the 2012 Anime Festival Asia in Indonesia. Check out the Q&A session the band held at the event:

Q: As a band who sing anime OSTs, is there any anime that you like?

Aimi: I really like “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsuu), and also “Ranma ½”, I watched it many times.

Q: Are most of Stereopony’s songs made first and then chosen for soundtrack, or chosen for soundtrack first and then you make the song?

Stereopony: Mostly, we were chosen first and then we make the song, so usually the song is special and fits to the anime. We usually talk to the producer of the anime first and discuss about the plot, atmosphere that want to be shown and built in the anime. The process is difficult but it is also interesting for us. We have to be creative and ‘translate’ the content of the anime into a song that suits to our imagination too. There are some of our songs that coincidentally suits to an anime so the process was much easier.


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