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EVANPONY Song This Fall


The STEREOPONY Official Website announced that the songs “Just rock with me” by the band EVANPONY and “Namida Nante Mishite Yannnai” by STEREOPONY are set for release this Fall as a Double A-side Single.

EVANPONY is a new band, which consists of Evan Taubenfeld (producer and guitarist of Avril Lavigne) and the members of STEREOPONY (AIMI, NOHANA, SHIHO).

Sam Hollander, producer for Boys Like Girls and Katy Perry, produced “Namida Nante Mishite Yannnai.”

As seen on Stereopony Official Website:

“Evan Taubenfeld”がタッグを組んだ新バンド『EVANPONY(エバンポニー)』。

EVANが曲を、ステレオポニーNOHANAが詞を担当したRock Tune「Just rock with me」を

「Just rock with me」は両A面シングルとなっており、
このEVANPONY「Just rock with me」とステレオポニーとして最新作となる

「涙なんて見してやんない」では、Boys Likes GirlsやKety Perryのプロデューサーである
”Sam Hollander”をアレンジに迎え、贅沢な1枚に仕上がっている。 


Translation by Hirotana:

The new band “EVANPONY” will come this Fall. Evan Taubenfeld the producer and the guitarist of Avril Lavigne is banded with Stereopony.

The first single “Just rock with me” is a rock tune made by Evan and lyrics written by Stereopony. It’s a Double A-side. The other A-side is “Namida Nante Mishite Yannnai” (I’ll never show you my tears). They’re the first product of them.

“Namida Nante Mishite Yannnai” was produced by Sam Hollander, the producer of Boys Likes Girls and Kety Perry, then it’s so brilliant.

EVANPONY was recording in the United States in May.
Wait for detailed information about the schedule and the tunes we’ll release in the second phase announcement!

As the STEREOPONY Official Website said, a second phase of announcements will arrive shortly. Please join the discussion in the forum by replying to this topic.


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