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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 29


The song “Daidai Iro” first appeared in Stereopony’s fifth single Tsukiakari no Michishirube.

The evening light descends closer to the horizon and the wind becomes cool and it makes us reminiscent of memories that we have making it a little colder. Even though it’s a city that we’re used to, the feeling of excitement makes us unsteady. It’s a song about the moment we discover what’s important to us in the most, expectedly unexpected way. Moving cities to follow our dreams we leave behind a lot of places and people that fill us with happy memories. We can get used to a new place as we create new memories but some little things remind us of the past.

Meeting new people, establishing new connections, is heart-warming and makes us feel less lonely. We realize that the world we grew up in was a lot more protected than it is now. The scent of the evening, mixes into the air and carries our thoughts with them. Sometimes when we are far away from the place that we’ve always been in, we realize a lot of things about ourselves and the things we did with the people and places we knew. Rekindling a love when we’re a little braver, a little more mature might just fill up the need to be complete.

Sitting alone in the dorm room, you realize as it hits suddenly all the people that were so special and important.

The lyrics are written by SHIHO and the music is by AIMI, this song was probably written after they started touring to different venues. It’s a song that perfectly conveys the emotion with the colour orange. It’s a colour that symbolizes an outgoing positive mood and with the hope to see and meet the things that are important to us, this song lifts our spirits when we’re down. AIMI’s voice is particularly melodious in this, reflecting the alone, adventurous heart on the song filled with so many meanings.

So enjoy the twenty-ninth Stereopony Song of the Week, as you treasure all that is important to you!


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