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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 26

The Self-created Canvas Painting

The song “Canvas Dake ni Watashi Dake ga Iro wo Nosete” first appears in Stereopony’s third album, More! More!! More!!!.

The world we know is made up of things that always change. Each moment in time can be lived only once but we have ways in which we can preserve what the feeling of that moment was. Painting a picture with different colours that symbolise what we know and how we feel. We try to go through each day by holding onto our life and keeping it clenched in our hand by our heart.

Our world is full of colours ~ a fading black and white landscape, a cherry coloured loneliness and a pitch-black snow. All these colors describe the world we live in yet, finding a color that defines you, a color that you alone can see is the meaning of the song.

It doesn’t have to be perfected with a pen, but drafting our dream world with a glittering crayon is just the perfect way to go. Always trying to reach a world that we can’t, drawing it in a way with our own colours, but sincerely putting the colour into the painting. The sincerely and heart-guided colours will colour our world.

Everyday should be filled with colours so that they make our heart pound with excitement to live our life and fill it with all the things that makes it all the more worth living. With this kind of emotion, flowers would even bloom in a dead black desert!

So just lift up your chin and don’t miss the chance to make it into a rainbow-coloured happiness!

Musically, this song is slow and it develops like a painting or a photograph. A wonderful song to listen to on a rainy day to brighten up our spirits!

So enjoy the twenty-sixth Stereopony Song of the Week, take out a crayon and make the world sparkle!


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