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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 25

Sweet Blue Days

The song Sweet Blue first appeared in Stereopony’s first album A Hydrangea Blooms.

A song that’s about the way feelings are in our hearts. How we feel them, deal with them, how we hide them and even at times, let them show. A lot of times we pretend to endure our own or other people’s emotions. Without a cent in the pocket, stepping into a crowd makes us feel we get mixed into the crowd, and become insignificant.

A lot of feelings are misunderstood and our focus is scattered. It’s hard to express certain feelings when there’s no one to understand them.Even though this isn’t always a bad thing, a sad song is sung. Even though being “left alone” is good at times and one gets used to that kind of a living; Remembering a lullaby at night can remove the sadness and loneliness at night.Can we really see our tomorrow before we reach it?

“True feelings are hidden so far deep that they are never noticed, but it causes an unmeasurable sadness.” Not being able to show your feelings to the people around you ,even if you cry or say anything can be very painful but you still want to try and that’s what’s we should never give up. Trying to show what’s in your heart is always worth the effort, even if it’s at times a hesitant try, we have to keep believing in ourselves and try to express ourselves. A bitter-sweetness of the empty blue sky makes one blue but it gives one a little courage to look forward to the open expanse of the blue sky. It could also be the sea being the open blue that’s full of power and undercurrents~making it a place for empowering ourselves.

Musically, this song is fast and off but a very melancholy song. A song about hidden desires and unspoken words. In the demo version for the song they had a small backup vocals part that led into the last line of the chorus~ “Sweet Blue Days” A lot of emotions that go unheard have a strong undertone in this song~ like the feeling of being accepted for who we are, as we are. It’s offbeat- hesitating words and the pain in the vocals reflects a very different image from the idea of Sweet blue days- It’s a bitter-sweetness that more a guiding phrase than a freedom inspired joy.

So enjoy Stereopony’s 25th Song Of The Week, Sweet Blue as you find the courage to speak what’s on your mind and find yourself!


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