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Stereopony in Kumamoto DRUM Be9 v2

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Oh Hello!

Right now Stereopony is headed to Nohana’s parent’s house in Nagasaki!

It will be the first time we’re riding the ferry while being in the car!

The semi-circular canals are weak so I was pretty worried but it seems we’ll reach in 30 minutes.

From the time the band was formed and we’ve been together, and become this close, it’s our first time going to see the place where Nohana was born and raised.

Well, yesterday was our first show at Kumamoto!
Yesterday was quite enjoyable~☆

The audience was warm.
The live house was hot.
And everyone sang!
It’s because we’ll be back, right? “We’ll meet again!”~ that’s a promise and we’ll defiantly return to Kumamoto (^^)

From the green room of the to the Kumamoto Castle, we were able to visit it all!

↑Did you get it?

We even had delicious horse Sashimi

It felt like cannibalism.

Even though we were here for a short time, it was fun!
Even though we didn’t walk even a little bit, we showed off at the shopping street!
Even though we looked cool and were sloppy, it was a great place for families, friends, couple to hang out!
It’s the first place we went to but I’ve come to love it!

Thank you ! Kumamoto!

And now, We’ll be back Nagasaki (^-^)/



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