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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 24


The song “Cupido” first appeared in the Stereopony single Smilife.

The name of the song means desire. With the start of the last summer holidays and heading to the beach, you can feel the sea breeze making our clothes and hair flutter. clutching the beach bag and heading to the bright beach to celebrate the last summer with friends is what this song is about.

Eating ice cream as you enjoy with your friends and then when you get to share the drink straw with your crush, it’s hard to not blush and then intently stare at that person with the idea of an indirect kiss. In a second even a little physical contact can make the distance between two people reduce a lot. Spending the free days together is like a dream. And then when that vacation ends and everyone is going their separate ways, it’s hard to just wait at that corner and say good bye. On the backdrop of the bursting firecrackers in the sky, continuing to watch the crush’s profile is all that we can hope. Maybe with the scent of the firecrackers it could hint to the sparkling love that the person feels.

Even as the summer ends we pray to God so that we can keep those sweet moments with us forever. In our hearts the summer will go on forever and we can always hope to go back to it — for the sweet moments of summer and a summer love. We will never forget the time that was spent walking beside someone special. Aptly titled, the song is about wanting to be love-struck and hoping to make the other person also be struck by the same uncontrollable desire.

A very light and fun song that’s very summery and the beat is very reminiscent of road-trips to the sea. It’s a song that will have you tapping your feet and clapping your hands. The variations in the speed and beats brings a very interesting flow to the song where you can actually connect how the song’s emotions flow from an excited calm to a rush of hope at the end.

So, enjoy the twenty-fourth Stereopony Song of the Week, “Cupido,” as you revel in love and enjoy a fun-filled summer!


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