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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 23


The song “fuzz” first appeared in STEREOPONY’s single Tsukiakari no Michishirube.

The word fuzz is used synonymously to fog or mist. Much like the fog on dark roads, a lot of us have a very unclear view of our lives and this section of life is filled with a lot of unsure and complex things.

The song is divided into two parts, the first describing our world in the confusion. We have a lot dreams and wishes but it is also mixed in with the knowledge we have. A lot of prejudices such as the “binding to a certain fate” is very confusing and misleading. To rebel against this kind of a very basic thought process, the first half is about regain a control over oneself, and one’s mind. A lot of times, hard-earned success is attributed to luck and in this song this idea is challenged. Earning what one has and even the part that one has to work hard to keep appearances is a fact others are forced to accept.

The second half is about the fact that there are a million different things bringing us down but keeping our head up is the only way. With our eyes set on the goal ahead, we have to go for it. Even if it seems that only fog and mist ahead, there’s a connection somewhere. The connection is not so much “fate” as it is the determination to be a success in whatever it is that we choose to do. Fate cannot be attributed with the great qualities of hard-work, determination and consistency.

Musically this is a very short but a very concise song. It has a long exposition before the vocals and the main piece take over. The vocal part is processed adding to the feel of the song being herd in a foggy, gloomy atmosphere.The piece that separates the two parts of the song has a very strong bass control and it adds to the feeling that when we’re thinking and making up our mind.

“fuzz” is a song that puts together a lot of the unspoken, due credit that one deserves but is often attributed to “fate” or “destiny”. STEREOPONY yet again really infuses the message that we make our own path and our own destiny.

So, enjoy the twenty-third Stereopony Song Of The Week “fuzz” and remember that you have to just appreciate the honest effort you make and keep plowing on and fight till the end-Success is never far!


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