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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 22

Never Look Back

The song “Never Look Back” first appeared in STEREOPONY’s second album OVER THE BORDER.

We arrive in the world, joining a race that has been going on forever. We seem to have been stuck in the trap of time. We arrive where we are at times without any clue to the direction we came from and where we were headed. Even then should we follow the path that has already been paved? By blindly imitating and “winning,” it will we be truly unsuccessful. Is it better to be stopped before you begin or reach a place that you can’t go ahead and be stuck there forever? It seems that there is nothing to rely on, nothing other than our own strength that can save us. Loneliness will make way for the person but the one who keeps their word will have the last laugh.

Just to calculate one’s own success, one can’t just focus on proving that one can protect the things that one loves. Having a gentler personalty, showing one’s weaknesses and trying to mend them as we look at the flow of time decides how are life will continue. So much so as we have hurt ourselves, and act like we don’t know or don’t care is what would seem like one doesn’t take life seriously. If one can remember to laugh in the end, then it’s a good start. There are times when the pain is very severe and we want to just want to stop thinking about it and put it away, but that is the time that we actually need to be true to ourselves, accept the pain and think of a way to heal it.

STEREOPONY believes in never giving up as bringing us the simple decision that one can only depend on oneself for our dreams to come true. It may seem irritating that life does not go the way we want and at the right time so we have to be prepared for any situation. One needs only to trust oneself to go ahead. At times we can even pretend that we are not wounded because, it’s presumably shameful to show weakness but If you make an early attempt and with a lot of effort, only the ones that stick to their word from the start can smile so aim for that! When it seems like we can see nothing ahead of us, it’s best to trust in what we know best and just continue to be positive and never doubt.

Though the name of the song is in English, the song is entirely in Japanese. But more than just using the word “諦めないで” or “Don’t give up,” “Never Look Back” has a more sincere emotion behind it. Musically, this song is a very upbeat with it’s patches of slow that jump into a catchy chorus. One part in the song you are told how to live with a good sense in life, the other one is the way it cheers up those who fell down or are unsure of the way things work. They get the inspiration they need. There isn’t a place for the rules — break the rules to break the record. The sudden break-out run of the chorus after the split second stop is very refreshing and perfect for a little off-beat, fast-paced drumming. The bass work in the bridge before the last verse is very good that has the undertones of meaning that this song has.

So, enjoy the twenty-second Stereopony Song of the Week as we forge ahead even in the long days of summer! Never ever give up!


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