Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Ustream after a long time!!

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Welcome back, STEREOPONY!
with that feeling, don’t you feel like meeting Stereopony tonight?
We intruded on Mr.Hemenway’s U-Stream so definitely, Definitely let’s meet in front of the pc screen (^-^)/

28/5(Sunday) 9:00

“Hemenway’s Hemist~ Hemenway Street Vol.1”

TV Anime “Eureka Seven AO”‘s opening theme song “Escape”‘s release on the Hemenway’s Ustream will have Stereopony as a guest!

After that, if you havn’t watched the movie “The Yell from heaven” in the theater, will you watch it on DVD?

It’s a very important compostion with all our feelings put in.
I’d like you to watch it with your family.
when we were watching the second documentary, we saw high-school kids who play the guitar much better than they do now.
Even though it’s a little embarassing, it’s a DVD with a lot of wonderful memories.

The people who want to watch it right away should also read the original novel “Yell~ the bentou shope where our song was born” .

Well then, Let’s meet today evening at the Ustream!



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