Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Stand by me

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A very good evening.
SHIHO here.

Tomorrow will also be missing the clouds but,
it’s a GW kind of feeling…

How will everyone else be spending the day?

And me…?
As usual, we spent the day at the studio.
ahh, it’s not been as much fun. Lately.Yes.

By the way,
our new single “Stand by me”
is now available in stores!
Yo! I have a copy! kind of~

How is it?
Did you listen to it?
Its good, it’s really cool,
(I said it <3) (laughs) By all means, I'd love to have you download it. Hey, I want you to download it. Download it from here! Kind of~ "Rekochoku" Stereopony- 'Stand by me'


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