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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 18

Rainbow Place

The song “Niji Bashi” first appeared in Stereopony’s single OVER DRIVE. “Niji Bashi” means the place where there’s a rainbow.

Whenever we’re in a difficult spot in our lives, we find that we can’t think at all or we over think and that makes it seem as if time has stopped. But in reality, time waits for no one. We’re always asking things like “so what are we supposed to think in a situation like this?” and that can be frustrating.

At such a time, taking it slowly is better and to continue believing in oneself. When things go wrong and it rains down on us, the best way to deal with it is to pull out our umbrellas and walk out through the gate on the rainbow bridge.

With a million and one worries we can even become insomniacs, but we keep wondering if something will happen to change things around us. Taking your time to make choices is a good thing, but taking time to actually get in touch with oneself (to feel oneself) is what is important.

Hearing opinions of other people about our life can be very hard. So much so as you continue to believe in yourself, the road is like a rainbow bridge and beyond lies the world we dream of.

This is a song that speaks for a lot of feelings that go unheeded like a chance to be heard out and be supported for one’s choices. What most people want is not to be shown what is right or wrong; everyone can make that choice for oneself, but the thing that they want is a little bit of support and encouragement with whatever they choose to do. With that in hand the sky is the limit.

Musically this is another one of Stereopony’s fast, pumped up songs that has a way of ploughing through the confusion of our wants and needs to show us the way. The bass and the drums on this song have a very great way of taking the song away at the chorus. The end is a very different riff on a higher octave but it gives the feeling of actually having got onto a rainbow!

On a side note, there is actually a place in Japan called Nijibashi (rainbow bridge) at the Kenrokuen – the “Six Attributes Garden” which is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It is very spacious and yet secluded and has water courses and panoramas. So it goes with the theme of the song that the journey on the rainbow bridge is in fact some place where you can get freedom yet it’s a place where you can gather your dreams and head for the bright future.

So enjoy the eighteenth Stereopony Song of the Week, “Niji Bashi,” as you find the way to your dreams on the rainbow bridge!


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