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The Journey of Hanz

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It’s a little late but thank you for the More! More!! More!!! tour!

First day, Hanz of Nagoya.
Pretty nervous.

Hanz on the move from Seattle to San Fransisco by car.

Sometimes, traveling gracefully in a bag.

A little far-sighted Hans.

A much too zoomed in Hanz.

In fact, Hans has also appeared in the “Stand By Me” MV.

A majestic Hans at the Shibuya final live.

Hanz, You’re way too cool.
It will be amazing to have a live show with you.
But you know what, when I was sending a picture message, he had an air.
He really looked like he was living.

From the home town,we also went to Kyushu; during our tour we went to the U.S. and we really did a lot of different things on this journey.

We experienced a lot of things and finally it was very “enjoyable!” kind of feeling.

It was really a lot of fun.
We want to meet everyone again real soon.
I would be great if everyone is feeling the same way!

Thanks a lot. Truly, thank you.

Hey, Hans, a very good addition, my necklace got tangled.



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